Hydrotherapy also known as Aquatic Therapy, offers exercises to mobilise and strengthen all areas of the body.

Most people are familiar with what physiotherapy has to offer but don’t always know the benefits of Aquatic Therapy (also known as hydrotherapy), probably because it has not been widely available as a form of treatment. The Physiotherapy Clinic has been offering Aquatic Therapy in the Spa pool at Gosling Sports Park for the past year, under the guidance of Lesley Sayliss. During this time many people have experienced the benefits of treatment in warm water.

If you are happy to be waist deep in water, (you don’t need to be able to swim), then Aquatic Therapy offers enormous benefits. You will be able to carry out exercises to mobilise and strengthen all areas of the body with greater ease, free from pain, and aided by the warmth and the buoyancy of the water. Buoyancy reduces body weight by between 50 and 90%, depending on the depth of the water.

Aquatic Therapy

  • Is ideal for painful rheumatological or osteoathritic conditions, particularly in the lower limb
  • Can be offered in conjunction with other forms of physiotherapy management,
  • Following orthopaedic surgery or trauma, aquatic therapy aids early mobilisation of shoulder hip and knee joints and the early introduction of weight bearing exercises.

On average, a course of aquatic therapy treatment consists of 2-5 sessions, each lasting 30-40 minutes. Your Physio will help compile a progressive exercise programme and give you a written copy to take away so that you can return to the spa pool independently and repeat your exercises another time.

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