Sports Injury

Our team have the experience to diagnose, treat and most importantly, to get you back to fitness!

Whether an acute onset from an isolated movement that causes mechanical breakdown or a worrying niggle that develops during your training schedule, an injury will take you away from your sport for an unspecified time.

Most injured athletes grossly underestimate the time an injury takes to heal. Even when injured tissue is technically healed, it may not be ready to withstand normal or competitive sports activity. The physiotherapist can perform tests, measuring strength, stability, balance, neuromuscular control and function, which can help with decision making on when to return to your sport. Every athlete should progress through a rehabilitation programme incorporating sport specific drills before recommencing normal training sessions. Furthermore once back in training, a maintenance programme ensures a return to full pre-injury condition so that reoccurrences can be avoided.

Running Assessment

This hour and a half package offers both a specialist assessment plus a strength and conditioning programme for runners. Using specific tests and video analysis, it aims to gain an understanding of the root cause of injury and provide you with a long term solution. Our physiotherapist Beverley Brocklehurst, who is an experienced club runner, runs the screening and will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding the session. Package includes an initial 60 minute screening with a 30 minute follow up session for £100.

Some of the Sports Injuries We Treat:

  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Ankle Sprains
  • Hip Bursitis
  • Knee Pain
  • Muscle Tears
  • Plantar Fascitis
  • Post Surgery Rehab
  • Running Injuries
  • Shin Splints
  • Sporting Shoulder
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Movement Analysis