Insider tips on training for a marathon

Insider tips on training for a marathon

Physio Beverley Brocklehurst is currently preparing to take part in her 8th marathon! Here she shares with us how she prepares...

'Like some of you I now well into my Spring marathon training and about to hit my longest training runs. This will be my 8th marathon, which in some eyes makes me a novice, but does the training get any easier?

'In my opinion probably yes and that is because I have learnt what training loads my body can take. For my first marathon I followed a standard training plan religiously, running 5 times a week with an ever increasing mileage, peaking a month before. I was meant to include tempo runs but never could because I was just too tired, all runs were pretty much the same speed.

'Nine years on I have the hindsight of experience and I no longer put myself through such a heavy schedule because like many of you I work, run a home and I am the wrong side of 40! I can’t train and then recline on the sofa for hours on end. Admittedly I now have a much stronger running base and am a club runner. I've found that for me, it works to  train by doing a weekly long run, one tempo run ,one running training session, one strength/ circuit session interspersed with a race every 3-4 weeks or an off road run short run. When the runs get longer I may drop the tempo run because I find that I gett just too tired and also recovery is such an important part of your training plan, as it allows you to stay injury free.

'Have I got slower? No, I have consistently knocked minutes off my marathon time peaking with my best time in 2016 . I have no easy answers but my advice would be always do your long runs, allow time for recovery, try and work on your muscle strength and include a session which allows you to run at a quicker pace.

'Finally, if you are running a Spring marathon I wish you all the very best. As for me I will be running the Barcelona marathon in March!'

If you need any support pre or post marathon then please speak to a member of our team who will be able to relieve the pain and help get you back to training safely.