Pilates & Physiotherapy

Muscle imbalance, movement dysfunction and a lack of core muscle control can be treated.

At the Physiotherapy Clinic we frequently assess and treat conditions which are caused by muscle imbalance, movement dysfunction and a lack of core muscle control. Symptoms of these conditions tend to include generalised aches and pains, repetitive injury with no clear cause, and longstanding painful backs and necks.

When we assess conditions related to stability, we find a mixture of problems including tight muscles, weakness, poor balance, inability to hold or control a posture and poor patterns of movement. Often we find patients are unable to breathe effectively without altering their trunk position. At the Physiotherapy Clinic we use exercise and manual techniques to correct these problems, and often incorporate Pilates in our treatments as it can help to break abnormal patterns of movement.

Pilates is a specific exercise program which aims to correct movement patterns and improve core stability. Usually patients start off fully supported, lying on the floor/plinth. Patients learn to move their arms and legs while controlling their trunk. After mastering the easier movements, support is progressively removed and the exercises become more difficult.

At the Physiotherapy Clinic we can teach Pilates on a 1 to 1 basis as part of your Physiotherapy treatment. An initial assessment will determine your Physiotherapy needs and Pilates may be included in your treatment plan. Occasionally patients progress to Pilates-only sessions on a 1 to 1 basis in the clinic or the Physiotherapist may refer you to a Pilates class in the local area.

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