Aquatic Classes

Following on from the successful launch of our knee pain acupuncture clinic which runs on a Monday lunchtime we have now also introduced a lower limb rehabilitation hydro therapy class.

The class operates in blocks of six sessions and involves an initial 1:1 assessment on both land and in the pool. You will then embark on a course of 5 consecutive weekly group classes lasting 30 minutes. Held on a Thursday afternoon, using the fantastic spa pool here at Gosling Sports Park which is heated to a toasty 34 degrees, you will be closely supervised by a physiotherapist at all times who will be in the water with you. The classes are organised by our own Sarah Perry. Patients of ours who have trialled this already claim it has made a significant difference to their fitness levels and has given them confidence to be more active and less pain.

All you need is a swimming costume and towel and make sure you rehydrate yourself adequately afterwards.

Cost Initial assessment 50-60 minutes £50. Course of 5 classes of 30 minutes duration only £55 ( a saving of nearly £30 per session for a normal one to one follow up)

For any information or to book please call The Physiotherapy Clinic on 01707 329910 or alternatively email

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