Shin Splints

The discomfort can spread over an area of 4-6 inches. Normally felt at the start of a workout or run it can then lessen only to reappear again towards the end of the session. Often described as dull it can become so severe that it is felt even walking and prevents the sufferer from training altogether.

Associated with a change in loading or excessive training it can be classified as an “overuse injury” and the pain is caused by increased muscle loading with inflammation in the lower leg muscles which lift the foot.
Other causes may be due to tightness in the posterior calf complex causing excessive pronation.

Easily diagnosed by the physiotherapist they often respond well to treatment which will be aimed at relieving pain combined with taping and advise on stretching and strength work to help you get back to training as soon as possible. In the unusual event of any possible stress fracture of the tibia, your physiotherapist will quickly direct you to the appropriate course of management and diagnostic tests.

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