Running Injuries

Why do we always get injured when it matters most, just as you are building up mileage for a race that is coming up?
If you are a runner, the link between training quantity and injury means the total mileage is an excellent indicator of your injury risk. The more miles you accrue per week, the higher the chance of injury. One recent investigation found a marked upswing in injury risk above 40 miles of running per week. Fatigued muscles do a poor job of protecting their associated connective tissue, increasing the risk of damage to bone cartilage tendons and ligaments. As you pile on the mileage or introduce new strategies such as interval training, you may find that your muscles are just not ready to do the job. Screening for muscle imbalances is the current cutting edge of injury prevention. At the Physiotherapy Clinic, when you present yourself with an unexplained niggle, we will be able to perform tests and screen you to ascertain what are the contributory factors. Along with relieving the pain whether joint muscle nerve or tendon, we can advise you on a tailor made programme to help get you back on track and limit further breakdowns. We also carry out video gait analysis based on the work of Balk and Romanov to help prevent further injury.

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