Knee Pain

The knee is a complex joint, which is commonly injured during sporting activities. There are ligaments both deep within the joint (cruciates) and on either side of the knee (collaterals) There are also crescent shaped cartilages, the menisci, sitting between the main knee joint, these act as shock absorbers. The knee cap joins the large quadricep muscle to the tibia below by way of the patella tendon and its articulation with the femur behind creates another joint, the patellofemoral joint, whose articular cartilage behind can be easily irritated with repetitive mal-tracking when running or cycling.

Commonly the victim of direct trauma in contact sports,all these above structures are also prone to injury from repetitive stress when muscle weakness or imbalance leads to excessive loading and breakdown follows on. An understanding of how you move and what your sport demands of you will be critical in providing the right treatment and rehabilitation.

When you present with your knee injury at the clinic we will begin with a thorough assessment to establish the correct diagnosis. We then provide treatment using current techniques ensuring swift pain relief and a quick return to full function.

If the injury has been a slow progressive build  up then we are able to analyse running/sporting techniques to correct faulty movements.

Some examples of knee injuries are:   

  • Patella femoral joint syndrome
  • Anterior cruciate or meniscal tears
  • Iliotibial band syndrome
  • Fat pad irritation

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