Sciatica & Trapped Nerves

Sciatica is a general term used for pain down the back of the leg from a trapped nerve. They may be no associated back pain at the time or you may find yourself “pole-axed” and not able to find a comfortable position to lay. When particularly severe and radiating below the knee it is always valuable to notify your GP who can start the recovery process with effective analgesia medication. This is a condition we commonly see and as with treating Back Pain responds very well to physiotherapy treatment.

If you are in pain:

  • Limit the activities that aggravate the condition, you may have to cancel things in your diary
  • During the initial period over 24- 48 hours try and switch the pain off by finding positions you are comfortable in
  • A pillow between the knees when laying on your side can ease the leg pain
  • Contact The Physiotherapy Clinic for advice

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