Poor Posture

Many of us hear this expression but don’t know how to deal with it. We start to notice it when it starts to give us pain. Posture is acquired through habitual work positions or activity. “You are what you do” The old adage of walking around with a book on your head is not preposterous, it just indicates that you need to train your muscles to hold you up properly.

Look at your work station, even if it has been checked, be critical about whether it works for you. If you are sitting perched on the edge of your chair so your feet can reach the floor then the set up is not working for you.

At the Physiotherapy Clinic we can assess and check whether the increased pain is being generated by an old injury or some underlying problem. We can treat the pain and show you how to strengthen your postural muscles with a daily routine, which over a period of weeks will see you holding yourself better.

Start with:

  • Regular work breaks
  • Shoulder Rolling
  • Better positioning, lower back and feet supported
  • Work Station Assessment

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