Neck, Shoulder & Arm Pain

The neck and shoulders are intrinsically linked through their muscle attachments, nerves and associated movements. Pain in one area can lead to the other and vice versa.

Giving a precise history will help the physiotherapist to determine where best to start the treatment. If the pain you are experiencing is a particularly unpleasant quality that radiates past your elbow with pins and needles, you could be experiencing a trapped nerve. Physiotherapy can help in relieving the pain but it is also important to notify your GP as prescription analgesia will greatly enhance the effects of your treatment.

There are instances where there is widespread neck and arm pain and it is not referred from the neck but may be due to secondary problems such as tendonitis around the wrist or elbow. This is a common presentation where the work involves  repetitive movements such as computer work and musicians. It can be classified as RSI ( Sometimes removing the source of irritation is very difficult but by working with your physiotherapist, she can advise you on pain management and other modalities, such as Pilates, which will benefit you.

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