Colles & Wrist Fractures

If you have a Colles fracture the doctor will hopefully have told you that you have broken the radius bone of the forearm just above the wrist.  It is common following a fall on an outstretched hand and accounts for about a quarter of all broken limbs. While you are in plaster it is important to follow the guidance of the medical team looking after you, the physiotherapy can start when the plaster is removed between 4 and 6 weeks.

It is often very frightening when the plaster is removed and you find your wrist is swollen sometimes showing a “dinner fork deformity” and is incredibly painful to move. This is quite normal but if you are anxious or having difficulty getting your movement back then you can start physiotherapy straight away. It is very safe for us to help you move and loosen your wrist off because the fracture will be stable.

We help you regain the movement in your wrist and hand by careful joint mobilisations and progressive exercises for both range of movement and strength, enabling more pain-free activities and better function. Like other painful conditions, there is plenty we can do to settle the pain down.

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